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Antwerp Boulder Cup is the first multi gym climbing competition in Antwerp Belgium. Now on it's 2nd season!


8 climbing gyms participate in this event. Every manche is an unique bouldering competition with local vibes.

The person who has the most points after our eight competitions, wins the Antwerp Boulder cup*!


The Antwerp Boulder Cup has a fee of €1 to for every manche enter. This is included in the participation fee of the gym.

At the day of the competition, you buy your local participation ticket at the participating gym.

Entrees are limited, so please reserve your spot via the website of the organising gym!

This is a chance to get to know other gyms in and around Antwerp.  

* every climber has a chance to win awesome prices thanks to our sponsors!
who are: 
EdelRid-Red Chili- Hike a way
Boot Bananas-GoodGrip-KletterRetter-OMHolds-9C Climbing

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